Upgrading License applies old support update date

I just upgraded from a 1-site license that was purchased in June 2018 to a 3-site license. Only problem is that the new license shows as expiring on June 2021 which is only a year and a half. I can understand that the original license for 1 site should expire on that date, but the 2 new licenses should expire in Jan. of 2023. Please advise.

Hi Michael.

I’m taking a look now…

Okay, I think I found your account. I see what you mean. I have updated the expiration time to Jan 2023.

Please take a look on your side, and let me know if it shows up correctly.

Happy 2020!! :slight_smile:

Hi Cristián

I am replying on this thread as I know you will be alerted as you responded previously. Apologies for hijacking your thread Michael, but I am desperate for a response.

Cristián, is this the only way to get support for Comet Cache? None of the support links work on my Comet Cache / WP Sharks account page - this needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency. I also need specific support for web site settings - our site is extremely slow at the back end when Comet Cache is activated. Are there any specific settings I can change that will help with this? I have seen that with WC3 you need to turn off “object cache” to fix this, is there an equivalent setting for Comet Cache?

Regarding Comet Cache itself, is this plugin still in active development? I have noticed that the last time it was updated was 9 months ago. I am going to commission a number of new websites in the near future and need to know whether to use this plugin or look for an alternative.

Kind regards