Update plugin, database error

This is just posted on GitHub

When I update my plugin, I get a DB error and am not able to log in. members.collaborativedivorcetexas.com

s2Member Framework You have version 191022 installed. Update to 200221. View version 200221 details.
Compatibility with WordPress 5.3.2: 100% (according to its author)

Hi Steve.

Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner.

I haven’t had this happen to me, or see someone else mention it either…

Did the db error give any details? Did you update other things at the same time?

Were you able to login eventually? What message did you get when you couldn’t?

Cristian, I emailed you about this also and after I emailed you, I figured out my problem, then sent a second email but forgot about the forum. What happened was, as you know and I have forgotten, that there is the free plugin and the Pro plugin both installed. I use a plugin manager system for updating dozens of sites. This site updated and I saw the DB errors, restored from a backup, and all was ok but had to stay behind on the old version of the plugin. I didn’t realize that the free version was updating but the Pro version was not. I was tricked into thinking the Pro version was some old version of the plugin replaced by the current active version. So I tested this manually, updating the free version BUT was never advised to also update the Pro version. The Pro version also says something like “This is not a normal plugin, the activation link/status on the left is not relevant.” This totally confused me and I thought I should be leaving the Pro version alone, like it was deprecated. Anyway, I went ahead and updated each separately and my DB errors went away.
SO… the problem was a mis-match of updating both plugins.
I am very sorry for the confusion this has caused you and others.

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Thank you very much for the update! I’m sorry you had that scare, but glad you sorted it out.