Update on S2's direction (For Christian)


First of all, it’s great to see Cristián Lávaque back on the forum and supporting the plugin!

I thought the community would benefit from a post asking about the direction of the plug-in, i.e. will it continue to be developed and updated? I would infer that it would be, given Christian’s return, but I wanted to make sure. Like many people (I imagine), I had been planning to move away from S2 to another plug-in, but would gladly stay if s2 continues to be developed.

Thanks for your help!
MB / EnglishCurrent


Hi MB! Good to hear from you. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m around and still supporting s2Member and working on improving it. I just made a small release today, and I’m working on something else that didn’t make it into this one.

Been also busy with some development jobs the last months, creating customizations for s2Member installations, but they’re too custom to make it into a general release…

You can also write to me at support@wpsharks.com when you need it, I spend a lot of time there daily. But I’m trying to frequent the forums again when I find a moment.



Great to hear! Yes I installed the update today. Thanks for the product.

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