Unrestricting Posts Issues

I am having trouble taking a Post Restriction off. On the individual post page, I can toggle a Level on or off, and I can see the ID show up and disappear on the S2Member Post Access Restriction section but on the WordPress All Posts page, the little lock in the (s2) column, next to the ID number column does not ever disappear and even if I have deactivated the restriction on a post, I cannot access the post as an unregistered person. Suggestions?

Hi Christopher.

That’s very weird… So even if the page is not restricted, when you try to view it as a guest, you still can’t?

When you get redirected to the Membership Options Page, what are the variables in the URL in your browser’s address bar? Those would tell what restriction is being applied, maybe it’s not the one you’re removing, perhaps some other one is affecting that page too.

I look forward to your update with any additional info.