Unique password/code to watch each video page as a visitoror

I want to create a membership site where I would I would be uploading tons of information content, videos, articles, pages to download, software, ebooks. etc.

Right now I’m building an email list and I want to send them free videos of the membership site every day with a password to be able to view that single video on that day written on the email for the visitors.

This password wouldn’t work for other videos or lessons

When a subscriber clicks on the link to watch the video it will ask them to enter the code given in the email and when the user enters it, it will unlock the video to watch.
Below or next to the video there would be a list of lessons of a particular subject, when a person clicks on any one of them it will tell them something like “Sorry, the entire sets of lessons is for paid members only.” And then there would be an offer down below to purchase the membership of the site.

Would this be possible with this plugin?

For a special link for each visitor separately, and unique to that email and only for that day, you’d have to do your own custom implementation.

I think what would come close enough, is that those pages you send your email subscribers to, have the video shown there, using the download key if it’s a protected file. WP Admin > s2Member > Download Options > Advanced

Thing is that you wouldn’t have a way to track if that visitor already opened the page before or not, because they’re not logging in. You’d need to implement your way of tracking them.

I wouldnt need to do tracking that much since I would be already getting CTR stats from my autoresponder.

I wouldnt need to generate a special link. Just the link to the video page would be fine but I do need the option if someone clicks on the video link it will go to the page saying something like “Sorry, this video is for paid members only, learn more about becoming a member or enter this video password to view it”

Well, if the video page is protected with s2Member, the visitor will get redirected to the Membership Options Page, where you can sell them the access.

You can try the free s2Member Framework, set a Membership Options Page, protect a page at level 0, and then visit it while logged out to see the redirection.

Is that what you were asking for? :slight_smile:

No not really I need the viewers to be able to watch the video with the password

For this, maybe just password protect each relevant page using built-in WordPress and send the relevant password at the right time in your email system?

Then use s2 for paid upgrades?