Undefined array key 3

Just starting to work on a new site with WAMP on localhost using S2Member Framework (lite) v240315 and I get the following error screen for about 1-2 seconds which is replaced by the normal page or theme edit window.

Warning: Undefined array key 3 in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\s2member\src\includes\classes\security-rest.inc.php on line 46

line 46 reads: $id = (int)$route[3];

whenever I attempt to edit any page. But regardless of the error, everything appears to edit and work as expected, I think.

I am using the TWENTY TWENTY-FOUR theme.


Today’s release includes a fix for this warning. Please update to v240325 and see if that goes away.


Hi Cristian,

Long time no email…
The new release has done away with the warning.

Thank you.

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