Two major issues with s2member Pro since recent upgrade

Ever since the latest s2member version was rolled out, we’ve experienced these two major issues:

  1. Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner (this happens on random customer orders - not all of them thank God). But it’s enough that we’ve lost quite a lot in revenue lately - especially Black Friday when customers were unable to complete the order.

  2. Duplicate charges + subscription creation - every now and then, a customer will be double charged and have two identical subscriptions created in Stripe. If we cancel one of them, it sends an EOT to s2member and we have to manually correct it. Customers have to be refunded the duplicate charge and are unhappy.

Can you please look into these issues? It looks like other people are experiencing the same problem so we know it’s not our setup causing the problem.


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Hi Donovan.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I have seen another report on that. Working on it. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to release an improvement yet, but it’s coming along.

You can go back to the previous release and keep using the modal in the meantime, if that works for you. It won’t support SCA, but depending on where you are and your business, it may not be an issue. Just letting you know in case that’s an option for you.

When you get the duplicates, what did the customer do that would cause it? it’s not something that happens on its own, so I’d like to know what actions would trigger that duplicate in your case. Any additional details will be very helpful.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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The invalid parameters message, from my tests, seems to happen only when the submitted card fails or is invalid for some reason, so it’s a payment that didn’t and wouldn’t go through anyway. The problem there is that then the person doesn’t know he can try another card.

Working on this to improve it, to get the more descriptive message from Stripe instead of this generic one.

Hi. Any progress on this?

Is there an s2member update planned soon?

The cancellation issue with duplicate payments is only happening with Stripe for me and it’s happening every time a customer upgrades their subscription. This may be an issue with Stripe or the way s2member communicates with Stripe. I noticed that they updated their API around the same time I started noticing this happening. Stripe now stacks the subscriptions without canceling the first even though the cancellation is recorded in Stripe’s logs.

I am facing a similar problem with Stripe:

User starts as “free member” -> purchases “level 1” with monthly subscription -> upgrades to “level 2” which is onetime/non recurring

What happens now: the “level 1”-subscription is not terminanted in Stripe, the User pays for TWO memberships now… :frowning:

I am also having an issue with Stripe. When the first payment fails, it stacks the value up on to a subsequent payment. So e.g. my subscription is 25 per year, first one fails and second succeeds and customer is charged 50.
It is causing a headache for me and for my customers and does not look professional.

OK I believe I have figured out what is happening with stacked payments. The customers account balance is being updated in the first failure, but when it fails and a repeat payment attempted, the account balance is then increased by another same amount.
I’m guessing S2Member is asking for payment for account balance.

Here’s a release candidate that addresses the invalid parameters problem.

Thanks for the new details for the duplicate charges.

So you’re using a Billing Modification pro-form? Can I see the shortcodes for your pro-forms?

This one seems different from the others. Those are for subscription changes that leave the previous one active. Yours seems to be a failed signup that made the charge, and is charged again on successful signup, correct?

Can you give me the steps to reproduce the duplicate charges? Is it with a failed payment, or a failed registration? Does it happen every time for you or only sometimes? And can I see the page where you have the pro-form?

Thanks! I look forward to your replies :slight_smile:


I have had to downgrade to a previous version of S2Member to stop the issue. It didn’t happen every time but it happened on more than one occasion.

The issue appears to be that the first payment fails, Stripe reports back reason for fail as “cancellation_reason”: “failed_invoice”


Has these issues been addressed in the latest update? I’m still using an older version currently so don’t want to update if they aren’t fixed.

Hi James.

The duplicate charges is not addressed in the last release. The invalid parameters error is.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the update. I will hold off updating for now as it was causing quite an issue with managing my site. Not having any problems with the previous version.

Best regards

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v200301 addresses the subscription cancellation problem, so that should take care of @mfussell and @Mardermolch cases.

I still can’t reproduce the other ones, where the user is charged the same amount twice as @jiberson described, or double subscription creation as @donogameel reported.

I tried everything I could think of so far and with different test cards that will fail before using a good one, but I don’t get the duplicate successful charge yet. If you guys could give me a step-by-step to reproduce it, that’d be great.

I look forward to your updates. :slight_smile: