Two Different Custom Capabilities

Hi guys,

I have a website with free s2member. I currently have level 1 subscription payment membership for 3, 6 and 12 months. Buttons are set with custom capability “A”.
What I want is another subscription buttons. Same thing level 1 subscription payment and 3, 6, 12 months but custom capability to be “B”. This part is easy as well. Now I know that either way if they don’t pay after the time ends they will get demoted to subscribers or loose their account…
Question I have is…

What happens if user who already has level 1 with ccap “A” and decides to take ccap “B” ?
The case would be maybe he has 1 month left from ccap “A” and he took now ccap “B”.for 3 months.

Will he loose ccap “A” after a month if he doesn’t pay but still keep his level 1 with ccap “B” since he would have 2 months left there?

If this is not the case how to achieve something like that ?

Thank you :slight_smile: