Trying to temporarily deactivate S2 Pro

I have a message in WP Wordfence that:

PHP default timezone was changed after WordPress loading by a date_default_timezone_set() function call. This interferes with correct calculations of dates and times.

To try to narrow down which plugin is causing the issue I am trying to disable them one by one. I can disable the S2 Pro OK but when I try to disable S2 Framework I get a critical error, my site is inaccessible and I need to restore the overnight backup to get it back online again.

I guess my question(s) is:

1 - how can I disable the S2 framework without causing a critical error? Googling this I have seen multiple similar reports.

2 - Is there a place where I can configure timezone usage in S2?

Many thanks for any input/guidance.

Before testing for WP plugin errors involving time settings be sure to check your cPanel settings to make sure they agree.