Trying to restrict individual posts

Greetings. I am trying to set up S2 Member after not using it for about 5 years. I see that you can restrict access to specific posts, but I am not seeing that behavior. When I put the post restriction for say post #214, I can still visit post 214 without being prompted to have to pay for it.

I’m sure its just something stupid that I don’t have configured correctly, and any help would be appreciated.


Hi Darrin.

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

The Specific Post/Page restriction is so you can sell access without requiring registration. Is that what you need? If you want people to register, then you’d use the Page or Post level restrictions instead.

Did you set the Membership Options Page in your options? To activate restrictions, you need to have set one. WP Admin > s2Member > General > Membership Options Page

Does that help? I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

I do have the membership signup page. I restarted my computer just to clear the cache completely, and it seems as if the content is being placed behind the pay wall as it should be… or at least S2Member is blocking access. What it does now is goes from the page to “Membership Signup” page. That page is blank.

Is this the way things are supposed to be working? Last time I just sold subscriptions and it was a lot easier for me. lol

I have found where I can generate specific forms for each post to be purchased. Where do I put these forms since they are individualized?

I see. You were probably logged in as admin when you tested before? Or perhaps it was a cache thing.

Yes, if a page is protected and someone without its access tries loading it, he’ll be redirected to the Membership Options page. WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Membership Options Page

You can customize the message on the Membership Options Page, using the variables it gets on redirection. See:

If you weren’t selling the Specific Page acces, but were instead making the person signup and selling him ccaps for the individual pages, you could then not restrict the whole page, leave it public, but put the body of the page inside a condition that shows the payment details if the person doesn’t have access, or the content if he does.