Trial period that takes payment every month?

I wondered if it is possible to have a trial period of 2 months with the trial taking payment after every month.


TP = 10.99 / Month lasting 2 months
Billing gets billed every month for 2 months then goes to the full amount afterwards.

I can’t figure out how I could do this

Hi Nathaniel.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Let me see if I get it:

  1. first month charge $10.99
  2. second month charge $10.99
  3. third month onward charge a higher amount.

If so, then no. The trial can only be one period and then the regular ones kick in. At the moment is not possible to do two charges at one amount and following others at another, only the first charge can be different (the initial term) from the following ones (regular terms).

It isn’t impossible to do with custom code, but s2 Member doesn’t include it. You’re actually the first one that I remember asking about it, but it’s something do I do have the idea of making possible. I’m adding your vote towards this feature in my list.

If I misunderstood your question, could you please clarify it?


Hey Clavaque, no you understood it perfectly.
Have you got an inkling on how I might do it custom code and I will explore this option?

Basically, with the subscription service I have, we had a get the first delivery free, but people were cancelling after month one. so then I coded the second period to charge exactly the day after the first delivery and people complained the first month wasn’t free. so the other option was to offer the first 2 months half price, which is essentially the same offer.

Thanks for your interest in the functionality and the help.

I see.

Yeah, trials can be complicated sometimes, depending on the audience…

Well, it’d depend on the payment gateway and what it makes possible through its API…

I believe PayPal allows a 2nd trial, but am not sure. With Stripe you could probably create a subscription with a paid trial, and have your custom code change the amount for the next invoice somehow… I don’t have details because I didn’t look into implementing this yet.

I hope that helps!

Thanks, yes im using stripe.
Ill look further into it. if you end up implementing it officially, let me know.

Thanks for your help.

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