Translation of the 3DSecure validation "wait sentence"

The following wait sentence displayed on the form after 3DSecure check is in English: “Please wait. Don´t close or refresh the window. Processing…”.
I found the origin of this sentence which comes directly from the stripe.js file of the plugin, is it possible to put it in French (or other langage) without having to redo it each time the plugin is updated?
Thanks in advance. Best regards.

Seth, Je pense que cela doit être faisable. Il faudrait traduire le plugin de stripe.
Personnellement, j’utiliser wpml parce que mes sites sont bilingues.

Thank you for your reply.
I am already using the s2member .mo and .po translation files but the sentence in question is not included.
So I would have hoped that it was added to it so as not to have to use a heavy translation plugin just for that, nor to have to redo the translation in the plugin file for each update.
Best regards.

Désolé, j’ai répondu en anglais par habitude :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry, I’m fluent in both languages.

You have to see if stripe plugin have .mo or .po or event .pot for translation. I would check mine but maybe we don’t have the same plugin.