TOS Registration Check Box not working

At my wits end here, spent way too many hours trying to figure this out. Finally have thrown in the towel and am coming hat in hand to the experts.

I have a fully functioning site using S2 that has been running for a few years It is badly in need of a refresh. Which I have been doing and am almost complete.

I have S2 Pro on the live site and was only using the free version while developing it’s replacement.

For some reason, no matter what I try I can NOT get the CheckBox to accept the TOS to work.

It shows up on the form fine, it allows me to check it. But every time I hit submit to create the account it gives me an error saying I need to accept the terms.

I check the setting for the box on the live site and they are setup exactly the same. I cleared my cache on the dev site and tried it in a number of browser and nothing I do makes a darn bit of difference.

I am right and truly lost… any direction would be greatly appreciated and if you need anymore info ask away.

For those who prefer the visual…

So after hours more of testing it seems my problem is NOT related to S2 at all.

When I disabled every other plugin the registration works fine, TOS checkbox and all.

So now the progress begins of figuring who the actual culprit is.