Things Don't Appear To Be Working Error

I have converted my PayPal buttons into links so that I can use my theme’s buttons. The buttons are placed in a pricing table on my “Sign Up” page.

When I first put the payment link on there and test it, everything works fine. Check it the next day, and is still working. Then about 1 weeks later, all the links attached to buttons stop working, and when clicked get directed to a PayPal page: Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later. and a “Return to Merchant” button.

I have tried it both with button encryption on and off, and the same thing happens.
Then i updated Wordpress and all plugins including S2Member, still no change.

That is the only thing I have tried. It’s killing new business for me. Hoping someone has a suggestion. Much appreciated.

Please note that when I was just using the shortcode buttons S2Member generates, I had no issues.

Update: I have now noticed that the button only breaks once a customer purchase an account through it. Which is why our most popular packages buttons keep breaking daily, and the others are ok for a while. Very strange?!

It coul be a problem relative to cache ?

In what context? My cache or a cache plugin?

Cache plugin if you have one. Try to desactivate it.

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Hi Nick.

I had just left you a reply in the WP forum.

I also think it could be related to caching, if you’re using it on that page. It’d be good if you could test it.

I also suggested trying the buttons. To customize the image, you can use the image attribute of the button’s shortcode.