The new Stripe Billing customer portal - a good match for s2Member?

Stripe recently introduced the “Billing customer portal” This portal will give the subscriber full control Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a subscription or update their payment methods and view their billing history. One big advantage with this portal is that this will give the customer a complete control of ALL of their Stripe transactions and subscriptions, not only those that are done throught s2Member. Once an integration has been made future enhancements and development is done by Stripe “We update and iterate so you don’t have to”. The KC s2M Log and Invoice created by @krumch will as I understand it only display logs and invoices created in s2Member. Would be interesting to get feedback on this idea, and if someone has already made an integration towards the Stripe Billing customer portal.

Interesting. Lots of caveats though:


Changing subscriptions in the portal is only supported for charge_automatically subscriptions with a single licensed price and a fixed quantity of 1 . Subscriptions that use any of the following cannot be upgraded or downgraded in the portal, but can still be canceled:

Subscriptions attached to schedules cannot be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled.

Update payment method functionality only supports cards. This section only displays cards, and it is hidden if the customer’s default payment method is not a card.

Modifying an account’s portal configuration is only available through the Stripe Dashboard.

Additionally, it should be noted that this feature costs extra ( 0.5% on recurring charges