Template overrides not working since update

Hi, I have been a user of S2member for 4-5 years now. I have updated a site from version 190822 to version 210208 but the pro-forms templates I have in my theme directory don’t seem to be working any more. One example is stripe-checkout-form.php which contains bootstrap HTML to create a nice form, but this template is not being loaded. I have tried removing the template="" attribute from the shortcode but no luck there. Any ideas? Thanks.

Adrian and I sorted this out by email, but I’m posting an update here for the benefit of others that may have a similar problem and search about it in the future:

Adrian’s previous version was from before the s2 Stripe integration rewrite for the new Strong Customer Authentication requirement, which uses different/newer Stripe APIs. https://s2member.com/s2member-v191022-now-available/

His template needed updating, because the new one had at least one difference (in the billing section). And also important was that his shortcodes had the description blank, which was working before, but the new integration requires it to not be empty.

After updating the template and adding something to the description value, it is working fine for him again.

Adrian, please feel free to add/correct anything I missed. :slight_smile:

Nope that’s pretty much it, my stripe-checkout-form.php template override didn’t work because the next update moved the billing stuff out of that template in to one if it’s own, I also had to enter a proper desc="" attribute as the previously accepted blank space was no longer valid.

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