Syncing profile updates between S2Member and Mailchimp


I can’t see a topic covering this, so apologies if already answered, but I’m maintaining member lists in mailchimp which works fine. I have 20 or so custom fields (areas of interest selected as radio buttons) which I’m using the s2.hacks.php array to pass that data to Mailchimp on user registration. While S2Member hands list transitions well, the problem I have is if a user changes their profile in Wordpress, the API integration does not initiate a profile update to Mailchimp and I get out of sync. Has anyone found a way to initiate and update Wordpress -> Mailchimp. I imagine that web hooks will do the reverse, but it is this direction I need.

Thanks in advance

This plugin do what you need, and more.

WPfusion does that and integrates with many other plugins.

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Hi Krum

Finally getting around to trying this again. I bought the pro licence in Oct 17. How do i get to download the Pro version. I have the paypal payment receipt.


Hi Ric,

Yes, but for S2Member integration that’s $247 so that’s not a great option.


We were using the kc-bidirectional-integration-of-s2member-with-mailchimp plugin, but it seems to now be abandoned and is no longer working on our website.