Synching Up Subscriber IDs in PayPal + S2Member

This has likely been asked before, but in searching I couldn’t find an answer to the specific question that I have.

Some recurring PayPal subscriptions have the Subscription Fields in their user records:
Paid Subscr. ID: I-1AB234CD56E7
Paid Subscr. CID: I-1AB234CD56E7

However, some of the recurring subscriber’s who use Paypal have blank fields:
Payment Gateway:
Paid Subscr. ID:
Paid Subscr. CID:

It seems as if the link between their PayPal recurring subscription and S2Member has been broken somehow.

Is there a way to reconnect the user account with their recurring PayPal subscription?
Would manually entering their Payment Gateway, Paid Sub ID & Paid Sub CID do anything at all?

My impression was that things like EOT, Payment Gateway, etc were all pushed to S2M from PayPal (or Stripe, etc.), and it seemed like changing those in their Wordpress profile really did nothing for recurring subscriptions.

I also read about exporting S2Member users, updating any missing subscription info from PayPal into the spreadsheet, then re-importing the users. Anyone done that successfully or is that how we could repair any “broken” links between PayPal and S2 Member?

Thanks for any thoughts.

I have a client which I imported 17,000 member records successfully after many trials and ID (WordPress vs Access) issues. I will suggest using a test site and thoroughly do your testing. I am trying to recall, but I believe there was an issue with updating records vs deleting all and importing the full list. Passwords may have been an issue. Test, test, and test again.

They had wanted to verify PayPal transactions with the membership. That was beyond my capabilities with PHP, so I created a File Maker Pro DB with many tools to use for their needs, including verifying PayPal transactions. I wish s2Member would store the old Paid Subscriber IDs. I have to put the old ones in the Comments so they can be found for the future.

Good luck!