Subscription not canceled after upgrade

Hi there!

I am facing the following problem:

User starts as “free member” -> purchases “level 1” with monthly subscription -> upgrades to “level 2” which is onetime/non recurring

What happens now: the “level 1”-subscription is not terminanted in Stripe, the User pays for TWO memberships now… :frowning:

I use the Billing Modification Forms.
Also tried with the normal “Form For Level #X” Shortcodes, same effect.

Didn’t test it with Paypal yet, only with Stripe…

Any idea how to fix this?

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Try this plugin:

Hi Krum,

Paypal ist working as expected, it’s only Stripe bugging around as described. Will your Plugin help me out? Does it work with Stripe?

I think i am facing the same issue like here: Two major issues with s2member Pro since recent upgrade

Will the plugin solve that?

Possible, but I would prefer to have strong Stripe payments first, seems in the Stripe gateway we have some problems.

Still plugin can be used to reduce payments when member changes his level, if you need that.

Thanks a lot for your answear.
I will purchase your plugin and hope that you will soon find a solution for the Stripe gateway issue…

Just for your info: I am independent developer, currently not involved in s2M support :slight_smile: And I say “don’t buy my plugin, better wait Stripe to be fixed in s2M”.

Is s2Member-Support still active in this forum…? :frowning:

I am having this same problem. Would love to know how to fix this. Thanks

I’m also having this problem, on top of other problems using stripe, including stacking payments, this is really not good.

I ended up writing some code as a workaround. You’ll definitely need to know some PHP and the Stripe API but basically what I did was first get the current subscription of the user and add it into the success option as a URL query string. Then I grab that subscription from the query string to cancel the plan, after successful payment.

I wish I did not have to code these workarounds but I just can’t wait for an update.

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I found reverting to the previous version of S2Member works too.

Just thought I would add that while I use Paypal, not Stripe, I’m using an older version of s2Member Pro and have not had any issues to date.

Where do I get those older versions from…?

If you’ve purchased the pro versions, the legacy versions are available from S2Member logged in section

Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been taking care of some personal things the past weeks and am catching up with the development, emails, and now here the forum.

Thank you all for the feedback, I’m looking into this now. :slight_smile:

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Glad to have you back!

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