Subscription Modification Alternative

Just now seeing that the Subscription Modification buttons were removed from s2member due to a change at Paypal… So how do we offer subscribers the ability to change subscription level or renew now? (Since they already have a user account, obviously the regular subscription buttons don’t work as the login email address already exists.)

I have members who have cancelled in the past (and were demoted to free subscriber) who would now like to renew. This is a buddypress site so they already have their profile and activity history in a user account, they just need to be able to modify their existing user account from free subscriber to an s2member level subscription with a new paypal subscription newly tied to their existing user account.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Justin.

The user can login to his existing account before being show the button to upgrade. If he’s logged in, then the button you generate with s2’s shortcode will include a reference to his account, and the payment will go towards it instead of a new registration.

Does that clarify it? :slight_smile:

Hello Cristian!

Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:

In my past tests this only worked with the modify button (even if the user was logged in). If the regular Level Access buttons can now handle upgrades from free subscriber to a subscription level, that is great news!

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Hi Justin.

Yes, this has always been possible. Not sure why you couldn’t before…

If the user is already registered, and has the Subscriber role (i.e. s2Member Level 0), if he is logged in to his account when the page with the s2 payment button/form is loaded, his account will be referenced and the new access paid for will be given to that account.

Please give this a quick test to verify it if you want. Register a free user, log into that account, and pay the Level 1 upgrade (you can change the amount to 1 cent for the test).