Style Email template

Is it possible to style email template in s2memer? Old forum
said that now it is in plain text format. My client would like to add logo, change
font size, color etc. It will be great if you could share some clarifications. Thank

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WordPress sends emails in plain text format. s2Member uses WordPress’s email notifications system. If you want to send HTML emails you’ll need to add another layer to the process. Either another plugin or a transactional email system with your own custom email templates. I use Postmaster SMTP alongside SendGrid, but I haven’t modified any email templates for transactional emails so I can’t give you specific advice there. It is possible though. In any case, the simple addition of HTML email via Postmaster SMTP makes WordPress/s2Member emails a bit more attractive.

If s2Member uses core Wordpress for sending emails, is it then not possible to hook into that to change or add specific headers to allow for HTML content.
Wordpress does allow sending email in HTML format by using this extra header:
$headers[] = 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1';

There are also plugins that transform plain text emails into emails in html. Have a look, for example, at WP Better Emails:

I looked at this plugin but it says its closed do to a security issue. Any suggestions for another plugin that can handle adding options like a logo and some html design?