Stripe tax_info deprecated, did anybody fix it somehow?


I am using Stripe’s integration and, since I am in EU, I need to charge VAT from all users in the EU (and UK until Dec 31st).

The plugin sends a tax_info metadata like this:

tax_info {"trial_tax":"1.47","trial_tax_per":"21%","tax":"1.26","tax_per":"21%"}

But stripe says it’s deprecated:

My users are being charged the total amount with tax included, but they’re being charged without showing that part of the amount is tax (which means many will think I am overcharging them and give up subscribing) and all tax reports are also broken on Stripe, showing zero tax, meaning I’ll have issues when paying VAT here.

It also seems they’re processing tax rates differently now, I did set up the tax rates for each country on their end, but s2Member needs to send them the right metadata, sadly:

Since many of you likely need to charge VAT or other taxes, and some of you are likely using Stripe, how did you fix it? I’d love to know, since I can’t find any other topic anywhere else on the matter.

Thanks :innocent:

Also, that’s what Stripe’s Support told me on Twitter:


Not sure if it helps…

That is not working for vatmoss anyhow, or only up to 100.000 euros turnover. Use, plugs right into stripe.

Thanks, but I don’t want a third party paid solution. I talked to Stripe and there must be an easy way to fix s2Member to send the tax id we set ourselves. Sadly I don’t have enough knowledge to implement it myself yet, but I believe perhaps other people faced the same issue and made it work without a third party service by hacking s2Member’s code a little bit.

I am nowhere 1% of that amount you mention :joy: I could apply to the VAT exemption, but I want to get VAT refund from business expenses while I am operating on negative territory.

I’ll do everything manually until I get this fixed and show the local tax authorities whatever I have if they ask for anything.

I didn’t even use stripe until recently when I bought the pro version of S2Member for that (amongst other things). Not spending money on anything else that’s non-essential right now.

I really wish that someone can shed a light towards a free solution or, who knows, an update coming to s2Member anytime soon?

I am sorry for not being able to come up with a fix right now, I’ll also keep working on it meanwhile, of course, and share if I have news.