Stripe Subscription Being Cancelled Minutes via API


I do NOT have a cancel button (to prevent issues) but I notice that sometimes a user subscribes then a few minutes after I receive a second “Modification” email, then the user’s subscription is cancelled.

When I check via Stripe it says the API from s2Member requested the cancellation.

The users usually did not try to cancel as they were just subscribing, I have to handle the situation giving them credit and asking them to subscribe again or I have to create a subscription manually and update their information.

Would you know what could be the cause? Please let me know which details I can send you via Private Message.

Thanks again for everything, with or without a solution, it will be nice to understand why this happens! :hugs:

Same thing just happened again. I receive two modification emails generated by s2member then a demotion email and s2member sends an API command to Stripe to cancel the subscription. Please let me know what could be happening when you have a chance @clavaque :innocent:

Hmm… I need to understand better what’s happening.

Could you walk me through the steps required to reproduce the behavior? What subscription first, which second, etc. And include the pro-form shortcodes for each, too.

And please also send me the log entries related to what you describe here. Tell me what user I should look for in the files, so I go over the entries.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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More information obtained.

So, I can tell you with a high degree of certainty it affects users that already had an account before, were demoted or cancelled in the past and started a new subscription while being logged in. It also affects users that upgrade to a different plan, if I am not mistaken (I think I saw that but I didn’t capture the specific case, sorry).

Existing user logs in, upgrades using a Stripe Pro Form, pays, IPN notifies s2Member, s2Member sends me TWO emails for the same subscription, instead of one, even though they are identical, have the same cus/sub and there is only one payment.

s2Member sends a cancellation request to Stripe, which prompty cancels the subscription. s2Member demotes the user instantly and sends me an email about the cancellation.

When I open the user’s profile on Stripe there’s no active subscription for the user, so I have to assign credit and start a new subscription for the same plan, then edit the user on Wordpress manually.

That will mess up my accounting badly. :frowning:

I’ll send you files via private message as usual :innocent:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi Sim,

Thanks for the update and details.

So let me see if I got right: basically, a user with “subscriber” role upgrades with a stripe pro-form, and then you get the double email? Or is the user at another s2 level role when he does?

So to reproduce it I’d have to just try to upgrade a free user with the stripe pro-form? or am I missing a step/detail there?


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Hi! Thanks again!!

It seems to affect users that were previously subscribers, demoted, subscribed again.

It also seems to affect users that modify their subscriptions, like when they upgrade levels or change from monthly to yearly, for example.

The bug didn’t exist on last year’s version of the plugin, so perhaps you changed something since I notice the problem seems to be happening after I applied your last patch a few weeks ago to test the other issues you know about :innocent:

I can be mistaken about the last paragraph, though. Maybe it happened before but not quite often (?)…


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Thanks for the clarification.

I doubt it’s anything changed in the last releases…

I’ll see if I can reproduce and troubleshoot it.


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Awesome! Thank you so much!

It feels like some sort of anti duplicate (for subscriptions) routine might be getting triggered, maybe?


I notice that I sometimes receive two modification notifications in a row when this problem happens, so perhaps you have a routine to prevent double subscription that’s kicking in but cancelling the only one subscription created / modified.

Any way to disable that feature? I would rather deal with those double subscriptions manually, as it’s much easier to cancel a duplicate via Stripe without having to re-enter all the information to restore a user.