Stripe "Sign Up Confirmation Email" not being sent

I have Stripe Options (API Keys, Webhooks, etc) set up for my site
When I sign myself up as a pretend user, I receive an email to create my password, so that is working. But after having successfully paid (I checked my Stripe account for this info), I do not receive an email confirmation of payment and account being created…
I checked the S2Members Log Viewer and it does not show anything in the log (?)

Thank you for your help!

Here is a screen of the Stripe email (with attempted French translation for the header, because I am also having issues with that - i.e. translation not working).

So when when you register, you do get an email, but when you pay you don’t, right? The “signup” confirmation is when creating an account. When you’re upgrading an existing account, that’s not a signup, and may be why you’re not getting that email.

From s2Member Pro > Stripe Options > Signup Confirmation Email

This email is sent to new Customers after they successfully complete a Stripe “Pro-Form” submission on your site.

See also: s2Member Pro > Stripe Options > Modification Confirmation Email

This email is sent to existing Users after they complete an upgrade/downgrade (if and when you make this possible). For instance, if a Free Subscriber upgrades to a paid Membership Level, s2Member considers this a Modification (NOT a Signup; a Signup is associated only with someone completely new).


No, this was a brand new user…I retried it again (deleting the User and signing up again with the same email). I get an email to configure my password, but no email about Signup Confirmation.

@clavaque, so it is rather strange. I am creating a new account, successfully paying, and do not get the Signup Confirmation Email, just one to change my password.

Thanks in advance!

@clavaque I just tried again (deleting User, signing up as new User for membership). Now I am not even getting a configure your password email…
I check the S2 logs and it shows nothing was sent.
Very confused.
Would really appreciate some help in this matter.

Could you give me a link to the form you’re using for registration?

If you haven’t yet, please follow the tips here:

I look forward to your update.


Thanks, @clavaque, I had already checked out the tips…
From this page, you can choose 3 subscribe options, all of which lead to a registration form:
The last few times I tested with the yearly form:

Thanks in advance!


I couldn’t test the paid signup, of course, but I registered a free account from wp-login and I did get the new user email.

I noticed a problem with the email, though:

Thanks %%first_name%%! Your membership has been approved.


Subscr. ID: %%subscr_id%%
Charges today: %%currency_symbol%%%%initial%%
Recurring charges: %%currency_symbol%%%%recurring/regular_cycle%%

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Key to Being

Could you show me what you have here? WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Email Configuration > New User

And if you’d like me to review that and the signup email problem, would you let me login to the admin, have a tests page, and do a few tests (50 cent payments, the min with Stripe)? You can send me a private message here with the login.


Thank you @clavaque

  1. Based on a thread in this forum from Nov '17, I installed a plugin Better Email Notifications for WP in order to fix the email not being sent issue. I went where you asked me *WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Email Configuration > New User -----> and noticed an error (plugin conflict). I uninstalled this Better Email Notifications plugin and do not see the error anymore.

  2. How did you sign up as just a subscriber? I do not have this option…just 3 paid options?

  3. I just figured out that my emails are sending successfully for English version but not for French version. If I sign up as a new paid English subscriber, two emails get sent (update pwd and sign up confirmation). If I sign up as a new French subscriber, only update pwd gets sent.

A big thank you for offering to look in my WP…How do I send a private message with the WP login details so you can look?

Can anybody help please…?

Why are my emails sending for English version but not French version (details in previous post)

Thanks so much…

Your conflict is with your translation plugin. S2 doesn’t support multi language, I write all emails in two languages, English first, German below.

There is no way to have S2 send emails depending on language.

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@felix thanks so much for your reply. So where do I write the French emails then? Do I need a second plugin for that?
I tried using conditional shortcuts in the Signup Confirmation Email (see screenshot), but that did not do anything. Are my shortcodes wrong?

You don’t write them at all. You need to add both languages to the same email. Without any language codes

@felix Oh, I see. Thank you for providing me with a simple solution - though not ideal, I am happy with it. I appreciate your quick reply.