Stripe SCA and s2member

HEllo guys.

In previous days, I’ve received an email from Stripe with this link:

But honestly, I don’t understand If i’ve to change something in s2member or in my stripe settings.
Do you know something?

Hi Antony.

That’s a notification sent to Stripe users because there’s being a change in its enforcement, not because your site isn’t ready. That seems to be just a heads-up in case you still need to prepare for it.

s2Member’s Stripe integration was upgraded a year ago to support Strong Customer Authentication.

If you’re using the latest s2Member Pro release, you’re good.


Currently I haven’t the v19 version.
So , I think that nothing changes for my website… (but it would be better if I update my website) …right?

If you have the v191022 version or later, it supports SCA for Stripe. If you have an earlier one, it doesn’t.

Maybe you don’t need SCA, in which case the older may be enough. The article you got gives and links to info about it:

You do get card payments, and even if they are low-risk, some banks will still require the SCA… So supporting it is your best bet.