Stripe Pro Form - Registration Broken?


Today I got a new subscriber (doesn’t happen often, so yay :partying_face:). They surely have had to register using Stripe’s Pro Form.

Their payment was declined on first try.

Stripe tried again, then it had success.

Subscription / User was not created on my site’s database.

Subscription was successfully created on Stripe.

I emailed the user so they can manually register for a free account and I’ll upgrade them manually, but this is a manual workaround. I don’t remember s2Member having this problem before, so I am reporting it here.


I have never experienced this difficulty before. In my case, it works great!

It’s been ages since I last detected this problem (years ago using paypal, never had it with Stripe) but it happened when I created the topic.

As my site is small I can always do things manually but I felt it was useful to have the information for future reference etc.

I think I reported several problems with Stripe and declined payments, usually it’s the opposite however user created who didn’t actually pay.

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