Stripe planning to remove the invoiceitem.updated event

I have received this notification from Stripe:

We’ve noticed that you have a webhook endpoint that is subscribed to receive the invoiceitem.updated event type, which notifies you when a change occurs to an invoice item.||
To improve product clarity and reduce redundant notifications, we are planning to remove the invoiceitem.updated event type on November 29, 2023. After this date, you will no longer receive invoiceitem.updated event types.

Have anyone received it?

Do you know if it will affect S2Member Pro?


Where did you receive this notification? Via e-mail or did you find it on the stripe Developers tab? I have not found anything of the sort.

I received an email

Sorry I can’t be of help. I did not get any email. Also when I go to webhooks on stripe (in the Developers section), I do not see any ‘invoiceitem.’ events. All of my invoice events start with “invoice.”