Stripe payments not updating "Last Payment Date"

We use Stripe payments and have noticed that when we export the registered users, the column “Last Payment Date” isn’t updating any more. It used to until the new update. We use this column to see when to send gifts to people.
I know you’re working to update Stripe integration. Could you check and fix this too please?


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Thank you very much for reporting that!

I don’t remember having changed the part that would affect that entry, but I didn’t look at it specifically either. I will try reproducing this and see what may be going on to fix it.


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Hi Tim.

I ran several tests, but can’t reproduce the problem. My installation exports last payment dates for my test users…


Do you sell a subscription with a free trial? In that case, if the person is still on the trial, there wouldn’t be a payment yet. Could that be what you’re getting?

If not, please provide more info, all I would need to reproduce it on my side (e.g. the shortcode you’re using).

Are you missing the last payment date for all the users since the update, or only some? Have you checked again recently to see if you still have the problem?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: