Stripe Link as a Payment Method

Hi! Stripe is changing their entire price structure and it’s WAY cheaper if s2Member integrates with their new product called Link:

Would you be able to (very) easily integrate this into s2Member or would it be too much work, @clavaque? They say the fees are smaller but they don’t make it clear. It might make possible for users to subscribe with bank payments and other methods that are not compatible with the current method you use, though… :thinking:

Of course, it’s ok if you can’t do it now in case it’s too much work. I am clueless. Sorry.

what’s the pricing structure for those payments? In Europe stripe got greedier and greedier introdcing new charges everywhere (especially annoying that you need to pay for Stripe radar - which saves them money and trouble…)

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Yes! I am in Europe too! And yes, they’re really un nice right now! I receive a large percentage in USD. I use a USD Bank Account with Wise (so I don’t pay to convert unless I need or want to, plus they’re cheaper and transparent, Stripe won’t even give us a tool to see their exchange rates and fees) but now they will take an extra 1% of everything we cash out in non Euros.

On top of that they raised percentages and won’t refund chargeback fees even if we win a case!

The problem with those payment processors (and credit card companies, and banks) is they don’t need us as we need them and there’s no real competition (not sure why we don’t have more startups with lower fees, transparency and other benefits, maybe they’re too small and we’re unaware of them).

They just change their policies and fees and we’re left without a choice.

I am not sure about the price structure of the new system, but I know that it would be much cheaper to accept bank payments and other payment methods anyway. There’s also something on Stripe that allows us to take insurance against chargebacks (they charge a bit extra per transaction) but to have that done we can’t use the current method. I can only assume Stripe Link, as their “new product”, will be eligible for that?

Of course, we do whatever we can and I do not expect s2Member to add new payment methods unless they become necessary and we’re forced to stop using the current ones for any reason. Yet, if it’s not hard to implement, it would be a very welcome addition.

well the biggest move would be if s2member could support all the gateways that are possible with Stripe sources like Giropay, ideal and so on. That would make a real change for me. I don’t care much if it’s 0.5% cheaper or more expensive if I could have Giropay and ideal added as many Germans still love bank wire.
I’m pretty sure stripe link for accepting credit cards won’t be any cheaper. Wouldn’t make sense except if they want to drop old payment methods which would be a shot in their own leg right now.

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They are advertising their Link payment exactly as their “next gen” that should be cheaper. Since it has their checkout page, won’t it let subscribers to pay with any payment method that’s compatible with Stripe?

And yes, we should be able to accept other methods of payment that aren’t cards. Here in The Netherlands it’s very difficult to get any credit card and even if you get one, it’s almost useless for routine expenses, unless you like to buy “stuff” and not just groceries and basic items. Most people here won’t even bother (plus there’s not as many benefits as in America like cashback etc). SEPA transfers and other automatic direct debt options aren’t available either.

The problem a bit would be - I don’t mind sending people to paypal. Everyone knows them and trusts them (if so many do dislike paypal). Sending customers to Stripe which most haven’t heard of, will definitely cause worries. But yes link payment would really be appreciated if integrated.

S2member should charge some money for this (or dual account support) - best a small yearly fee like 30-40€ so s2member gets some constant money stream and more people that way trusting it will be supported much longer (my worst “investment” was once buying thrivecart and trying to use it for checkout)

I still don’t find pricing for link payments - but today Stripe just increased their prices in general on bullshit arguments - because credit card processors in the EU have been required to drop their percentage over the last years - not increase it:

Standard European cards (most cards including American Express) will change from 1.4% + €0.25 to 1.5% + €0.25.
Premium European cards (commercial Visa/Mastercard) will change from 1.4% + €0.25 to 1.9% + €0.25.
International cards issued outside of Europe and the UK will change from 2.9% + €0.25 to 3.25% + €0.25.
UK cards will remain the same at 2.5% + €0.25.
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Yep. Exactly!

They are just increasing their own profit margins because, well, they can!? :worried:

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