Stripe india subscription changes

hi from last 15 days we are getting stripe error due to some change stripe payment changes in india.

In log we are getting this error
"“PaymentMethods of type card cannot be attached to
Customers directly without 3DS due to Indian payment regulations. Please
instead provide the PavmentMethod and Customer alonaside a Setuolntent ol
PaymentIntent with the
setup future usage
parameter. Sep
httos:// for
more details.”

anybody got this fixed?

this is what they saying

As discussed, upon checking, it seems that the reason why the payment method is not being attached to the customer, is because it was created without allowing the customer to authenticate and without saving it via setup intent process. In order for us to save the payment method for future us and make sure the setup_future_usage is passed during the collection and the customer is asked to authenticate per RBI regulation required for all Indian merchants. You need to follow this process for you to collect payment methods from the customer and so for you to save it to the customer object for future use.

You can also check this helpful link below to see the guidelines on how to save cards for India-based Stripe accounts.

Hi Vikas.

I’ll look into that. s2 does what has been required for the 3DS when creating subscriptions and their future charges, so I’m not sure why they say that. As you said it started only recently for you, and seems to be a change specific to India. I need to figure out what they changed, and see what it’d take to improve it…

Hopefully nothing major, but it seems I’ll need to move around the sequence of things between s2 and Stripe during checkout, which is already complex. And it’s tricky because I need to be super careful that a change to fix something for India, won’t break the working integration for everyone in the rest of the world. I’ll see if I can work this out to prepare a beta…

when we signing up we are able to fill form with card detail then user created in stripe and send back to our site form where we see this invalid error