Stripe: how to use other payment types (EPS, giropay, iDEAL, SEPA, SOFORT, Apple Pay,…)?

I just upgraded to s2member to use Stripe to offer all their great payment options to my users.
However, with my Stripe Pro Form I only see the field to enter credit card details. Is there something I am missing?

How can I enable my customers to use some of the other payment options offered by Stripe (EPS, giropay, iDEAL, SEPA, SOFORT, Apple Pay,…)?

You can’t. s2member payment options are the basics as has been offered by the Gateway vendors circa 2015.

Thanks for your reply. Though it’s quite disappointing to hear that. It seemed like s2member would fully support all payment methods from Stripe. In some countries credit cards are just used by a minority, so we’ll be losing a lot of customers. Would be great if this lack of support would be noted somewhere, especially before one purchases an s2member Pro license…

Is there maybe any experience on this board here with “hacking” s2member into initiating a Stripe payment with other payment methods? Since the Stripe API supports it, it shouldn’t be too hard, or is it?
I feel it’s not even important to have this as a single step process included directly on our website website. A basic link to Stripe for them to handle the whole process (similar to PayPal buttons) would be fine…

s2member is operating in a maintenance mode at the moment. They don’t seem to be investing in new features at this time.

I see, good to know. Thanks for letting know.

I guess it’s not appropriate to discuss alternatives to s2member here? Just thinking, clearly others might also find the lack of support for such features troublesome…?

You can search the forum. You will find some legacy discussion.