Stripe form not working with new wordpress update?


We’ve run our site on s2member for years, but as of the last wordpress update our stripe forms don’t allow users to select the area where they can submit their credit card information. Do you have any guidance here?

See Stripe Credit Card Field not taking any entries

You may have a theme incompatibility with WP5.5.

Hi James.

I think Tim is right. If not the theme, then another plugin. But something is messing with the JavaScript, preventing the Stripe fields from working correctly.

The page has several warnings and errors in the browser console. They could help you figure out what’s causing the problem.

You can deactivate plugins or change the theme, and test after each, to see when the issue goes away, to help you pinpoint what’s introducing the problem.


I recently ran into this issue and reviewed the replies. In using the Inspect tool, I determined my SSL was disabled. Once it was enabled, it worked fine.

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