Stripe failing on S2 Webhook

I’ve read all the webhook answers on here but none answer my issue unfortunately.

Basically Stripe is failing hundreds of times when using the following webhook from S2:

I’ve asked my hosts and they are asking how to recreate the error, so I don’t think they really understand the issue.

See attached my Stripe account showing all the failures:

Can anyone help? As Stripe keeps sending me emails and I’m out of ideas now.

Kind regards

Hi Dave,

I found this topic that you could find useful Massive number of webhook failures in Stripe.

When I open up your webhook URL I get an “HTTP ERROR 500”, which I believe should not be the case. When I open up my webhook URL I get no error.

Thanks and regards,


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I also get a 500 when I try your endpoint. That’s why the webhooks are failing.


Thanks for your help. I’ve raised a ticket with my Hosting people. Fingers crossed they can sort it.

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