Stripe Credit Card Image URL

Hi All,
Can someone send me the link to the Stripe Image Branding (for the display of the accepted credit cards on the payment form)? I accidentally overwrote it with one of my own image URLs, but realized that the default Stripe image suggested displays the credit card logos better.


ok, I found the URL from another post, and it looks like I should be using:


After plugging that value into the Stripe Image Branding field, and saving all changes, I still don’t see the Stripe image load up though…

A somewhat related question is, with a Paypal form, if I’ve added all credit cards into the accept option as seen on the following line…


are the logos of these credit cards automatically meant to display at the payment form page?

Thanks in advance!

It is supposed to show up. Hit F12 and look at your console. The icons are supposed to be loaded by JavaScript.

Do a Google search on “s2member missing card icons” and you will find some relevant historic threads.

Tks for the suggestion Tim. After extensive plugin deactivating and reactivating, I found the offending plugin which kept the Powered by Stripe logo image from appearing. I’ve tried making test Stripe payments using the test API and all of the events seem to go through and be documented w/i the Stripe backend just fine. Now to get some prospective customers to try making payments through my live Stripe form to make sure it’s bug free!

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@darrenchu - what was the offending plug-in (to help others who might experience this issue)?

Ahh right, for some reason, the following plugin was the trigger. I’d ideally like this one activated as I offer an Affiliates program.

Affiliates Manager S2Member Integration

Thanks for letting us know. Much appreciated :slight_smile: