Stripe communication error

Has anyone else have customers who are receiving a “Network communications error” during checkout.

I did some research and found this:

oot cause of update CA certificate in stripe SDK.

This happened due to The curl domain has changed from to Calling update_certs.php with the old CA bundle URL may result in the text of the 301 response being downloaded instead of the bundle file, breaking communication with Stripe.

NOTE: S2member plugin is updated. (But here not updated Stripe-PHP SDK)
Current Stripe-PHP SDK Version: 7.1.0
Latest Stripe-PHP SDK Version: 7.97.0

For Solution:
We can update URL( to in update_certs.php
NOTE: But the S2member plugin update may overwrite it.

Wondering is anyone else had any incite or additional guidance?


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Have been struggling with this problem for ages. Will do the edit to see if it solves the problem. Thank you

I have no idea about what any of this means but have made the change anyway. For those looking, the file is here:

Any solutions? This issue seems to still reappear.

You would want to do what I suggest in this thread as that seems to fix the problem : Stripe Network Communication Error