Stripe checkout returning Invalid Parameters to Stripe Error

Hey there!,

I’ve been happily using s2Member Pro for long. Thank you for the great work!.

I never had issues implementing PayPal and worked well till today.

However, I’m now integrating Stripe for the first time with a brand new Stripe Account.

I followed all the steps required: Added both API KEYS LIVE, secret and publishable and added the webhook via the END POINT at Stripe side.

Then, I created a LEVEL #4 ACCESS FORM and tested a real Credit Card purchase of $10 on subscription and it returned this message:

“Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner.”

Then, I switched to TEST MODE (SANDBOX), changed both API KEYS to TEST and enabled logging routines and ran a new subscription purchase.

The result was the same: Invalid parameters to Stripe; please contact the site owner. message.

I read again every step on this page:

Then, I went to read on Stripe site what could be the issue and I can’t find any visible reason for this error…

I have a log report which I can’t understand so, here it is my question:

  • According to what I described just now, is there in advice you could give me to solve the Stripe / s2Member integration problem I face?.

  • If you need to look at the log report I have, where / how do I send it to you?.

Thank you very much for your help!.


Hi Gabriel,

I’m having simlar issues and get no response on this forum. did you ever resolve this problem?

serge d’Adesky

Hey there Serge!, Nope I didn’t solve the issue yet unfortunately. I still use PayPal for that biz BUT, I’d really like to get the Stripe integration done correctly, if that is even possible…

Be Well.



I finally did resolve my Stripe issue. It turns out that there was a conflict with the old wordpress template I was using. I had customized a simple wordpress template pretty massively, so I was reticent to make any change to more “recent” templates. However, the minute I did the Stripe worked out of the box! How many hours did I waste on this issue !!! Oh well. Maybe my pain will be someone else’s gain.