Stripe causing double payments


S2member is causing duplicate payments to be taken when using stripe. If the first payment fails, the amount is being stacked. See the screenshot here.

Isn’t that a stripe setting?

If it is, are you able to help me fix it?

Yeah - likely I was wrong about the settings. But make sure that subscriptions are cancelled after 4 unsuccessful payments within 1 month on smart retries and similar - under



Subscriptions and emails

Yes, that’s already set up.
I can’t see how it effects this scenario though.

I’ve seen this a few times too, but I couldn’t understand the reason behind the double payments as it didn’t happen every time. I think you’ve got it completely.
STRIPE needs a proper overhaul really soon as it’s turned into a very broken implementation, and it used to be so good. Hope this gets fixed sooner rather than later!