Stripe api key disappears #s2member pro

I am changing a site from PayPal to Stripe, in s2Member Pro. I enter the api keys into s2 in the STRIPE section, save them, but they disappear / revert to other settings (for instance, the publishable api key reverts to my login id).

I cleared the cache, removed a few plugins, but the issue persists.

We have used s2 for several years. This is not a new install, but the site was migrated to a better server last month.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi Robyn.

No, don’t know what could be causing that… I suspect there may be another plugin affecting the normal behavior of the admin page…

As a test, can you create a new WP installation and try reproducing that behavior with s2Member’s settings there?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: