Stripe api change causing error

I am trying to set up s2member to work with Stripe. I have annual subscriptions to my site but they are not recurring. When I do a test order for a 1 year NON recurring subscriptions, I get an error, when I go into the logs I’m given this link:

It says they have depricated the statement_descriptor parameter in certain circumstances. It seems this is something that is generated within s2member and sent to Stripe via the api.

When I do a test order with a recurring subscription everything seems to work fine.


I’m currently experiencing this issue as well. I’m moving my business to another country and had to set up a new Stripe account in my new country. I pointed the site at my new Stripe account and am facing this error on all card payments:


The statement_descriptor parameter is not supported for the payment_method_type card . To continue supporting payment_method_type card , please pass in statement_descriptor_suffix or remove the statement_descriptor parameter altogether. Please see for additional details.

Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

I’ll keep looking into it as best I can, and update this thread with what I find.


So if I have this correct, the error above should affect anyone with a new Stripe account. If you try to create a new endpoint in the Stripe dashboard there is now no option to specify the API version and it defaults to the latest version, which will fail with s2Member because of the changes to ‘statement_descriptor’.

It looks like you can specify the version when creating an endpoint using the Stripe CLI:

I don’t have any experience with Stripe CLI, but I’ll give this a go as soon as I can.

The problem are hidden fields, s2member needs a complete rewrite there and don’t look at ipn_vars which are utter useless and far too often mess up how s2 treats things.

Thank you for reporting that, guys. I’ll look into it.


It’s all in the old topic which you read before. Ipn_vars need to be removed from s2