Stripe "Add billing method" not working

Hi all

I have a Stripe Pro form on a web page but the Add Billing Method link doesn’t do anything, always did but now not working, there are no errors in the console. I have deactivated all plugins except for S2member and this didn’t help.

Not sure how to debug where there are no console errors and also nothing in the PHP error log.

I have read the other topics that were suggested for this same issue, their resolutions have not worked for me (checked htaccess, nothing there, not using cloudflare or any CDN etc.)

The page that this is happening on is


Hi Adrian.

I see you’re using v191022. From your pro-form, I guess you’re using a custom template, right?

That release of s2Member Pro had major changes to the Stripe integration, that’s what it was mostly about, and it doesn’t include the modal anymore.

You just need to update your custom template for the current one, which now uses an inline card element to enter the payment details without going elsewhere.

I hope that solves the mystery. :slight_smile:

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Hi Cristian

Yes it certainly does, thank you for the reply, and you are correct about the custom template.

Do you know if there is any documentation for doing this? I.e. what specific parts of the template I may need to look at?

Thans, Adrian

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Just take a look at the original in s2member-pro, and base your custom one on it. :slight_smile:

Hi Cristian

Thanks again, I have now sorted my template file (and the accompanying mu-plugin files that were causing errors although I cant remember why they are required and cant find any documentation for this) - however, my billing method section now just has text saying “Credit or debit card” and there is no input field for card details, so something is still amiss I think.

There are still no JS errors in console.


Looks like you sorted it out. :slight_smile:


I compared the 2 files again and realised i’d missed the classes out of the form tag :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

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