State / Province fields required, but not valid for Europe

On the Update Billing page as well as on the Payment page, there is a required field for State / Province, which is not applicable outside the US. How can I remove the field or at least not mark it as required?

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Hi Petra

Do you have some tax calculation configured? WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Options > Tax Rate Calculations

Hi Cristian,
I am using Paypal, and do not have anything set under tax calculations. Global Default Tax rate is set at 0.0%. Do I need to do something in this section? The price of my membership options already includes tax.

Global Default Tax rate is set at 0.0%

That’s basically disabled. I was asking about that setting because when it has any other value, it’d cause the address fields to show up in the pro-forms. Since you mentioned the province/state field, I was checking if it could be from that setting.

Could you show me the page where that field is? Or a screenshot of the form where it is?

You need to set a bogus tax for a single country that likely no one ever will pay you from. Can be 0.1% then all others are zero tax. This workaround is needed since s2 exists

Thank you for the tip, but it did not work. I entered SO for Somalia and a tax of .01%. I am still seeing that field as required.

There is also another bug on the form: Card Expiration date has the two boxes misaligned. You can see in the screenshot that the first box is higher and the second one is lower…

Thanks for the screenshot. That form looks quite odd…

Those fields should not have been showing if you had no tax configuration.

From the look and the weird behavior, it’s almost as if the form’s javascript weren’t working correctly. Maybe it’s not being loaded?

Could you give me the link to it, so I take a closer look?

Ah sorry I got that wrong. The bogus tax is just for hiding/removing the tax field.

I already sometime ago notified about this problem. I just renamed the field, it’s not mandatory you can use text replace plugins to call it like address part 2 or similar.

@clavaque, thanks Cristian, here is the link, you can see the form if you select Visa:

Yes, the State / Province field is mandatory on mine too. I do use taxes since people have to pay 21% if they’re in the EU only, and zero otherwise.

Nobody ever complained but now I wonder if people didn’t subscribe at some point because of this issue… :thinking:

Thanks, Petra.

I see. Those drop-downs are not fitting well. I don’t get that in my tests, it seems something to do with your custom CSS.


The address fields would show up with the cards, but are you using PayPal Website Payments Pro, or just a regular PayPal Business account? Can I see your shortcode for this pro-form?

If you don’t have PayPal Pro, then the pro-form should only say accept="paypal" without the cards. WP Admin > s2Member Pro > PayPal Pro-Forms > Shortcode Attributes > accept and accept_via_paypal

The zip/state/country fields shouldn’t show even for the PayPal option. Do you have anything configured in the taxes panel of s2Member? Can I see a screenshot? WP admin > s2Member Pro > PayPal Options > Taxes Rate Calculations


Yeah it would be really nice if the state/province field could be removed for the Stripe pro-form. EU biz don’t need it and it confuses the customers. At least make it non mandatory. I would like to even make the street field non mandatory - as an onlinze biz in the EU only zip code, city and state is mandatory for amounts below 100-400 euroe (depends on your jurisdiction - up to where a simplified invoice is legal - as a simplified invoice needs no street and housenumber).
Zip and city is mandatory because some countries have different tax rates for islands or similar. Plus it helps in case you have conflicting evidence. Each filed except the name and email address should be possible to be removed OR made non mandatory either via shortcode or in a menu for the pro-forms.

Another thing would be to update the pro-form to not reload on changing the time/time/price (or whatever you use in that dropdown). That is horrible UX - and no using a page that forwards to another page is as well horrible UX for me. I did that with javascript for paypal buttons but not possible for the pro-form.

Thanks, @clavaque. I just figured out that if I use Paypal Pro, I need to pay a monthly fee, so I am switching to Stripe. Same problem with Stripe though - State/Province is mandatory. Here is the shortcode:
[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form level=“1” ccaps="" desc=“7 Days free - then €30 EUR / Month (recurring charge, for ongoing access)” cc=“EUR” custom=“” ta=“0” tp=“7” tt=“D” ra=“30” rp=“1” rt=“M” rr=“1” coupon="" accept_coupons=“0” default_country_code="" captcha=“0” /]

and screenshot of taxes rate calculations page:

So you don’t add taxes, and you don’t want the address fields? Then try in s2 set the Global Default Tax Rate to 0, and leave the Custom Tax Configuration empty.


@clavaque - thanks for the quick reply. The only reason I added the bogus tax info was because it was suggested in this thread to get rid of State/Province. When I was using PayPal this fix was not working (was still showing State/Province). Now I see for Stripe (for some reason), it is working. But it is taking away all the address fields, not just State/Province.

Is it not necessary or better to require an address when charging by credit card? Whenever I pay by credit card online there is address requirement, so it feels odd and rather fishy not to require it for my customers.

thank you for your patience with this thread…!

It really needs to be configurable. Because for VAT reasons you need to know the postcode of a customer but the rest of the info is not needed. Right now there is no proper approach. Every field on that form (except email and username) needs to be possible to remove and alternatively needs to be possible to be made optional not mandatory. That would be the only propere solution.