Starting Date Customization?

Hi all,

A question came up from one of the site owners I work with. She wanted to know if I could force all existing accounts and new accounts, when registering, be charged and billed on the first of the month.

  • So for example, a member registers using the paypal gateway pro forms on Feb 13th, 2023 but their membership is from February 1, and billed the next year again on Feb 1, 2024? Does that make sense?

The organization wants to have always the first of the month to be default billing date? At the moment its all over the place of course.

Thoughts? Is this even possible with S2 member?

Best, S xo

This article should help:



Thanks Cristan, I will try this. :+1:

Okay trying to customize this but I am inexperienced in this area.
So in looking at this code example the tutorial gives, and if I want to just to have the date to be on the first of the month and it be the only parameters thats forced, I have to just remove the year and month and leave the day code?

$cycle_start_year = ‘2015’;
$cycle_start_month = ‘2’;

It would look like this?:

// Change these to the date you want the annual cycle to officially start 
$cycle_start_day = '1';

$cdate = mktime(0, $cycle_start_day);
$today = time();
$difference = $cdate - $today;
if ($difference < 0) { $difference = 0; }
$trial_days = floor($difference/60/60/24); // Calculated number of days until yearly cycle should start