Specific Page/Post Access Links - additional posts too many IPs

We are generating Specific Page/Post Access Links as a temporary solution to Specific Page/Post Buy Now links that appear to be expiring prematurely.

The page we grant access to contains three additional posts (also SPP protected), so we select those in the “Select Additional Posts/Pages That You’ve Protected” section. Doing so allows these posts to show up on the page. If we don’t do it, the posts do not show up on the page.

Following a previous support post (Specific Post/Page Access Links & 503 error) we stopped sending ONE SPP Access Link to multiple customers and are now sending each customer their own SPP Access Link.

However, some customers are encountering a 503 “Too many IPs” error when they click on one of the additional posts to view it. They can view the main page we are providing the link for, but the additional posts are not available.

The links to these additional posts are not unique to each user. Every user who can access the initial page (via their own custom link) sees the same common links to each of the 3 additional posts.

Could this be why they are encountering the “too many IPs” message? Is every visit by every user contributing to the total count of IPs hitting the additional posts?

If so, is there a solution other than either a) increasing the global max allowed IP count or b) stopping using separate posts and moving the content to the initial protected page?

Hi Robert.

I don’t think that the visits from separate links to the same page is causing that. It’s not the page that’s tracked, but the links. Each unique link would be tacked separately.

What is your IPs limit? Are these people getting this problem wihle browsing in the same session from the same device? Could it be that they’re using it from different machines? Or maybe they’re moving about and changing IP frequently?

We are using the default IP limit.

You say each unique link would be tracked separately. But consider this scenario:

  • SPP-protected landing page contains links to 3 posts.
  • Those links are just normal links. E.g. mysite.com/post-one/
  • The linked-to posts are SPP-protected.
  • You sell an SPP link to the landing page, so 10 unique links to the landing page.
  • Every user who visits the landing page clicks on the link to one of the linked posts. E.g. mysite.com/post-one/
  • Isn’t that 10 hits on mysite.com/post-one/ from 10 different IPs? Or does S2 account for this?

The limit is for each account, not each page… If the page were limited in IPs, then you would not be able to have a large membership visiting that page. The point of the IPs limit for the account (or link in the case of SPP), is to avoid sharing of paid access with others, for example. So each account would be limited to the number of unique IPs in the set term.

I see… So they’re not protected pages? In that case I’m not sure the IPs limit would kick in… They’re publicly accessible, right? Then s2 doesn’t limit the access. Or maybe I didn’t understand what you meant? Could you explain?

In any case, raising the IPs limit a bit may be all you need… Did you try that?

No, they’re protected pages - or posts rather.

Specifically it’s a collection of 3 yoga videos that are being sold as a SPP. When you land on the landing page (the page that’s sold) you get some intro text and then three links to the three posts. The “product” being sold is the set of 3 posts.

When creating the PayPal link, per instructions, we select the landing page as the main page, and below that we shift-select the three posts that we also want to have available to purchasers.

The user receives a link to the landing page for their purchase. From that page they link to the three videos.

Is there another way to do this? Should the links to the three videos be unique for each purchaser? How would we do that?

The way you did it is fine. It shouldn’t be a problem…

You said that some users have the problem, not everyone does, right? In that case it’s something to do with their IP, maybe it changes often, causing them to go over the limit.

Do they get the limit message on first visit, or are they able to load the content the first time at least?

I’d suggest raising the number of IPs allowed, maybe also make the period shorter. You can also reset the IPs restriction for specific users from their profile, if needed.

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OK - thanks for your help. We’ll try this, and to understand better the context when the problem occurs. It can be difficult to get all the details from customers :slight_smile:

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