So, how do you get support when you're paying for Pro?

Hi all, I posted a topic a few weeks ago but I guess no one was able to help. We pay for s2member pro and have had it for years, I’ve noticed all the buttons and links for getting help if your a pro customer go nowhere… they literally link to “#”.

How do I request help as a paying customer?

Thanks :slight_smile:



Hi Zoe.

Wow, I had not spoken with you since the old forums, I think! Good to see you again. I hope everything’s going well for you.

Thanks for letting me know about the broken links! I’ll look into that.

Sorry I missed your earlier post here, I’ll check it out now. Streaming mp3 s2member-files


I had the same question. It appears from the help section that you don’t ask for help unless it is from these forums.


I also have the Pro version and I thought we were supposed to use this forum, hence why I keep doing it. Are we supposed to interact somewhere else when talking about the Pro version, @clavaque?

My apologies in advance if I have been posting in the wrong forum. :man_facepalming:


The forum is the preferred way. I’m very glad you’re asking here!

That way others can also contribute their experience, and the result will be available to others in the future.

The email is available too, for those that need it, but that’s usually something to do with billing or sorting out their account.

Sometimes I get emailed questions that would be better here, but I answer them there nonetheless, no point in making them post it here before I answer.

So emailing is possible, and is preferred for things particular to the account, but for technical questions the forum is better. And I will answer either in either place.



Awesome! Glad to know that it’s a good thing to keep posting here then :wink:

I wish you have a great week!

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