Single site, registration disabled message when setting up menu login/logout on mienu

  1. I have a single wordpress site and haven’t had problems logging in or out from the login page as admin. I first noticed a problem when I try to add a login/logout link on menu through User links.

The login/logout will insert into menu but they are dead links - details: when I click on the menu user links I get this message:
Registration is currently disabled on your site.

I do not want anyone to register for free, I want everyone to select/signup for a paid subscription. I believe I had set up the membership options correctly.
General options page: No, do NOT allow open registrations

Also, the settings page has the “anyone can register” blanked out and not available as is “default role for free”.

Your suggestions/observations/help are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Turns out is was a plugin conflict, case resolved