Simple Statistics for Members and Tracking Information

Hey there,

I can see over the years to has been discussed and requested and wanted to add my vote to this and find out when we might see this feature.

We really need a backend (and frontend) client portal where we can see stats for members but also general statistics like file downloads etc.

Any chance of having this in the next update :slight_smile:


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there are some additional plugins by third party developers. Oh and if such information is implemented - that really needs to be outside the normal options table and put into a separate table so cleanup is easier. Such information quickly amasses to huge amounts and for cleanliness needs to be in it’s own table.

And yeah all plugins tracking downloads so far for me didn’t work, because of caching plugins and whatever. For downloads best set up a server side tracking - so you know what files are how popular. Yes protected downlaods the tracking is easier - but again this should be kept pretty separate in order to not blow up your database. Now performance wise it may not matter too much - but backup plans of your database then really get complicated. Tracking downloads with timestamps I would likely end up at 1GB database data per year - compressed already.

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Also the popularity never got big - I bought those plugins back then but they were too raw to really be usable for me:

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There’s some basic tracking of downloads in the database already, but there isn’t an interface for it.

I agree with you Felix, all details should be in separate tables, not all stuffed into usermeta the way wordpress does it. With the Payments Log addon we created and used new tables, I think that’s the right way.

For basic stuff usermeta is correct. Plugins should then use different tables so to keep usermeta clean and once you uninstall it’s not a mess to clean up if the plugin fails to delete the data.

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