Simple Export - Multiple Roles


I have users in my site that have multiple roles, for example, ‘author’ and ‘s2member_level_2’.

When I export this user using the simple export, the role column only shows one role, in teh case above it shows the ‘author’ role.

Is this normal behaviour?

Is there anyway to export all of the roles a user has?


Hi John.

Did you try the advanced exporter too? Do you get the same result?


Hi Cristián

I just exported user using the Advanced User/Member CSV Exportation as well and it also only lists one role.

Some users have multiple WordPress roles like ‘author’ and ‘s2member_level2’.

Only one role is shown in the export.


Ah, I see what you mean.

That’s not a WordPress default. Are you using a plugin to assign multiple roles to users?