Silent Post Issues with

I have been going through hoops with, and they just keep throwing the issue back on s2Member.

Using pro forms, we are capturing customers info, and it is charging their credit card, however all variables in the response are showing as NULL. Therefore the customer receives an error in s2member but their card was still charged, so then they submit again several times because they keep receiving an error, therefore charging their card multiple times. is stating it’s the silent post url that is not responding or timing out on our end, however our timeouts are set to over 3 minutes.

Is there a way to test the silent post url at our website?
This issue happened once before and “fixed” itself, it just started working randomly again. But again has now started doing this randomly with no changes to our system, except for updating s2member.

Hi Stephen.

Sorry I didn’t catch your question before…

Updates haven’t changed the Authorize.Net side in a long time, and nothing changed in s2 that seems related to that behavior. From your description it’s likely something else on your setup; not sure if a plugin conflict, or some server issue.

Testing the URL is simple, just load it in your browser. It’ll show you a blank page if it’s fine, you can check the status code in your browser’s console (e.g. 200). If it can’t load, you’ll likely get an error code (e.g. 504):

Please let me know how it goes!

Hi Cristian,

Below is a direct response from from the troubleshooting ticket with them. Does this help shed any light on the issue? The silent post URL is showing a blank screen 200 status code.

That sounds correct. So s2’s endpoint is working.

Thanks for the extra detaills.

Are you having the issue with every payment attempt, or only some? Maybe your server is being slow only sometimes and this happens? Did you check with your hosting what may have happened with the server at those times when you had the timeout errors?