Signup Confirmation Email no longer being sent (PayPal Pro-Form)

I’ve been using s2Member successfully for many years. I recently removed the option for subscribers to be able to use credit cards, so now they can only log in to PayPal and subscribe that way. It looks like the welcome emails are no longer being sent. This is all I have now:


When this was successfully working, I had it set to:

accept="paypal,visa,mastercard,amex,discover" accept_via_paypal="paypal"

I use WP Mail Logging and I see that subscription renewal emails and renewal reminders are still going out. Renewals and new subscribers use the same form, so the only difference is that one is logged in while the other isn’t.

I see the PayPal transactions go through, and the users are added to the Users list correctly.

I am also not getting my notifications about new users registering.

What do you all think? Thanks!

Hi Monica.

I’m working on a new Paypal integration, but in the meantime we’ll try troubleshooting this…

It sounds like s2 is not getting details about the transaction on checkout, so it’s not firing the actions that happen at that time.

If you haven’t yet, please enable s2’s logging, reproduce the behavior, and show me the entries from the different logs (editing out any sensitive details). WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Log Files


I don’t sell a lot of subscriptions, but logging is turned on and I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks!

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I finally have a purchase logged, one that is for a brand new subscriber. The purchase is in my PayPal, and their account was created. They did not receive an email. What do you think? Thanks! I hope this upload is working.

LOG ENTRY Wed Aug 23rd, (2.1 KB)

hi @clavaque I know you’re busy with your PayPal integration work but is anything about the log jumping out at you? Thanks!