Sign Up/Login Slow


I have the s2member free version installed on my new website. When someone clicks the sign up button for my membership based yoga site, it takes 10 seconds to load the page. Could this be because I have the free version and it’s not compatible with I can’t seem to figure out why the sign up and login pages are taking so long to load and this is the only thing I can think of. Can someone please help advise? The contact button to get in touch with someone at s2member is not working for me to find out if this could be related to a compatibility issue with Thank you!

The problem is unlikely to be s2member. There are no reported issues of this type related to s2member. Does not mean s2member is not the problem…it is just more likely your hosting, theme, another plugin or 3rd party site is the problem. 10 seconds on a cheap hosting company with a lot of plugins installed and no caching plugin / CDN configured is actually quite common

Go to the following Google site and run a test on your website for performance issues. It will tell you whether the problem is in a plugin or with your theme.

For a more detailed look at what is going on with your web page performance hit the F12 key on your browser and click the network tab then refresh the page and watch as your browser talks with your server. It shows you how long it takes for all the pieces of your web page to be retrieved and assembled in your browser. Looking at that will show you which url is holding up the show. It could be your webhost, your WordPress plugins or it could be a 3rd party service you have connected to (e.g. Google Analytics, etc)